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Frequently Asked Questions

Use the calculator to determine your expected return and to see the difference between delegating and the bond pool. The returns of the bond pool are significantly higher as you leverage your returns by participating. As a bondholder you will receive 50% of the fee that is received by Tezos Vote.

The current fee earnings for bond holders is 50% of the total fee earnings from Tezos Vote (currently 10%). This leads to the following allocation:
Delegator: 90% Bond pool participant: 5% Tezos Vote: 5%

Every bond pool participant has a personal page that can be used to track earnings.

By participating in the Tezos Vote Bond Pool you will significantly increase your return and contribute to the long term success of Tezos Vote and the Tezos blockchain. The Bond Pool of Tezos Vote is well suited for long-term investors in the Tezos blockchain that wish to significantly increase their return.

The main advantage is the increased return on investment and the fact that there are no fees charged.

Disadvantages are that you are required to transfer your Tezzies to the secured account of Tezos Vote and that the withdrawal of your Tezzies can take up to five cycles.

Our advise is to reinvest earnings, thereby creating an increased (compounded) return over time. Additionally, it is possible to receive your earnings in your own account.
Yes, it is possible to invest in the Bond Pool in other cryptocurrencies. Tezos Vote will exchange your cryptocurrencies for Tezzies and invest the amount in Tezzies in the bond pool.
We use a signed agreement to formally register your deposit in the bond pool. The security of the holdings of bond pool holders and the bakery itself is extremely important to Tezos Vote. All advised and required security precautions are taken to ensure that we reach our desired level of maximum security.

Contact us and we can discuss opportunities to invest in the Bond Pool.

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