Investment Service

The investment service of TezosVotes is very similar to its delegation service. But some key elements are different. The interest you earn will be significantly higher and will grow even higher, when more deleguee’s delegate there Tezos to TezosVotes. But with higher earnings the Risk also becomes a little higher.

Invest in a rapid growing market and help us building a strong platform while earning Tezos.

The difference between Delegation and Investing

When you delegate your tokens to our delegation service the staking balance of the TezosVotes baker (from now called Panem) becomes higher. But the balance of Panem stays the same. This means we are able to acquire more rolls and thus more change to bake blocks but the security deposit payments are frozen Tezos from the balance of Panem. So long Panem keeps playing by the rules, what of course will happen, the frozen security deposits are released after 5 cycles. With this process it very import the balance off Panem stays sufficient enough to keep paying the security deposit. With sufficient balance we don’t lose our rewards by missing baking block because we can’t pay the security deposit. This is one part why we charge fee for our services. When you invest you don’t delegate your tokens to Panem but you transfer them to his balance. Therefor you participate in paying the security deposit and don’t pay fee but instead receiving a part of the fee.

The key benefits of Investing instead of delegating

  • Higher interest
  • No fees
  • The more deleguee’s the more earnings
  • Same tracking service as the delegation service

The key Detriments of Investing instead of delegating

  • No direct access to your Tezos
  • You must transfer your Tezos
  • Fund withdrawal can take up to 5 cycles

We understand that it is a high level trust service. When in doubt please contact us. and let’s explore the possibilities


Yes it is possible to withdraw your invested funds. But as explained your funds are being used to pay the security deposit. So it can take up some time to fully withdrawal.

Interest payments

You can choose. Add it directly to the already invested amount. Or choose pay out to the address the investment was done from.

What will you earn?

We are still add the very beginning of Tezos. And there are many factors that determine the interest rate. Our predicted for now is that I will be between 5 and 8% . This doesn’t include the earning from the fee

Investing with other cryptocurrencies

It is possible to invest with other cryptocurrencies than Tezos. But it will be traded to Tezos trough an exchange. TezosVotes doesn’t charge fee for this service.


When you are interested to becoming an investor instead of an deleguee please contact us. We make use of an signed agreement