Over-delegation explanation

Over-delegation means that the baker staking balance (Total Tezos he is baking for) is too high for the amount of Tezos the baker has in his own account.

The baker is responsible for paying the required bond for baking a block or to endorse a block. This bond is paid from the account of the baker.

The cost of the bond for baking a block depends on the cycle we are in. from cycle 64 a baker pays 512 Tezos for baking a block. But before that it’s a little different. There is a ramp up for the deposit cost in the protocol. This means from cycle 0 until 64 the deposit cost for baking a block goes up by 8 Tezos per cycle. So deposit cost until cycle 64 is cycle * 8 = deposit cost

The cost of endorsement also has this same ramp up. From cycle 64 the deposit cost for endorsement is 64 Tezos. This means until cycle 64 the cost is cycle * 1 = deposit cost

Baking rights and endorsement rights.
The higher the bakers staking balance is, the higher the rolls the baker gets assigned to him. A roll is 10000 Tezos. More rolls means more rights to bake a block or to endorse one. This also means the more deposit that baker has to pay.

So over-delegation will occur when the baker has to many rights to pay the required bonds. When the baker balance is below the required payment of the bond he will not earn the reward of that block or endorsement. Infect he is not allowed to make a block or endorse one.

For the baker it isn’t technically possible to stop delegators delegating there Tezos to them. This means he cannot exclude there delegation from the staking balance.

TezosVote Policy

Our policy is based on a first come first serve basis. We will use your join cycle (the moment you delegate to our service) as your starting point. You can find your join cycle on your personal dashboard.

Warning risk zone (orange)
You will receive a warning on your personal dashboard when you are in the risk zone of becoming excluded from rewards because your join cycle is in the over-delegation risk zone. This means you have the time to switch to another service without loosing any rewards. All the rewards on your personal dashboard are save and will be paid out! You can also have a look at our investment service to see if this is an option for you. We works with signed agreements.

Over-delegated (Red)
You will receive an over-delegation messages when you are missing out on rewards. This means your join cycle is flagged by TezosVote as over-delegated. You will receive 0 rewards from that cycle and we strongly advice you to switch to another delegation service directly or you can also have a look at our investment service to see if this is an option for you. When you decide to join our investment service we will compensate you for the losses of the last cycle. We works with signed agreements.

New bond
When we increase the bond and be able to make the deposit payments of an given cycle the 0 rewards for over-delegated join cycle will not be adjusted.

Current over-delegation predictions:
We are currently Not accepting new delegations.

Warning risk zone:

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