How to Delegate

The easiest way to delegate to our service is to create (if not already done) an account at

Step 1) Sign in to your account at tezbox

Step 2) Press “ADD ACCOUNT”. This will make an account that starts with KT1 instead of TZ. Only KT1 accounts can delegate. If you already have an account that starts with KT1 you can skip this step and jump to step 3)

Press OK

step 3) This KT1 account is your account only you have access to it. Transfer your Tezos to this newly created KT1 account.

Step 4) Go to your KT1 account and press on “DELEGATE”. Next Select “Custom” and enter our delegation Service : tz1bHzftcTKZMTZgLLtnrXydCm6UEqf4ivca
finally press “UPDATE DELEGATE”

Press OK

Now all is set and you will earn Tezos.
Go back to our website and you instant can follow your KT1 account and monitor your progress