Delegation Service

Together we combine our resources to create a steady stream of block baking & endorsing blocks.



Overdelegation Risk zone.

Dear Delegate tz1g3eiQF5hF23obqP58amEULL2fkS4esbZq,

Your delegation is in the risk zone of overdelegation of our service.
This means you might miss out on rewards. Please consider changing to another delegation service.
Or Contact us for another lucrative Opportunity.

More Details

Deleguee Details:

Always 2 cycles behind!

Cycle Roll Snapshot Balanceꜩ Ratio % Reward Cycle Overdelegated Stable Delegate Snapshot Block Level
202 28 ꜩ 0.00 % 209 False Yes 830976
201 28 ꜩ 0.00 % 208 False Yes 827392

Deleguee Rewards:

Rewards are calculated with deduction of 10% fee

Estimated Rewards Deleguee:
Cycle Reward ꜩ Details
209 0.01 ꜩ
Cycle Reward ꜩ Details
208 0.01 ꜩ
Actual Rewards Deleguee:

Reward Transactions:

Last 6 transactions

Reward cycle Transaction ID Amount ꜩ To Transaction fee Pay-out Cycle

Deleguee Snapshots:

Last 2 snapshots

Block Active Delegation KT1 Snapshot Balance ꜩ Cycle Cycle Posistion