Delegation Service

Together we combine our resources to create a steady stream of block baking & endorsing blocks.


Deleguee Details:

Always 2 cycles behind!

Cycle Roll Snapshot Balanceꜩ Ratio % Reward Cycle Overdelegated Stable Delegate Snapshot Block Level

Deleguee Rewards:

Rewards are calculated with deduction of 10% fee

Estimated Rewards Deleguee:
Actual Rewards Deleguee:

Reward Transactions:

Last 6 transactions

Reward cycle Transaction ID Amount ꜩ To Transaction fee Pay-out Cycle

Deleguee Snapshots:

Last 2 snapshots

Block Active Delegation KT1 Snapshot Balance ꜩ Cycle Cycle Posistion
1180409 tz1RgpBbAbWXd8YMNjEjrjExB9szakFBZ3JS 582 ꜩ 288 760
1180398 tz1RgpBbAbWXd8YMNjEjrjExB9szakFBZ3JS 582 ꜩ 288 749