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Start earning your Tezos rewards now by using the delegation service of Tezos Vote.
Tezos Vote has a unique personal dashboard. Track your earnings into Detail.

Delegate to Tezos Vote by using our delegation address: tz1bHzftcTKZMTZgLLtnrXydCm6UEqf4ivca

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Frequently Asked Questions

By delegating your Tezos holdings to Tezos Vote you are actively participating in the delegated Proof-of-Stake mechanism of the Tezos network. Tezos Vote bakes new blocks and endorses blocks as part of its operations and earns XTZ by doing so. Tezos Vote maintains the technical part of the delegation process in the blockchain, provides security to the network and posts security deposits. A higher staking balance implies that Tezos Vote is responsible to bake and endorse more blocks. As a delegator you will receive a part f the XTZ Tezos votes earn. Click here for the step by step explanation of the delegation

Your earnings depend on your total stake that is delegated to Tezos Vote. Your total stake will be used to determine your ratio. Your stake is recalculated every cycle and uses by design of the Tezos protocol a snapshot in the cycle to calculate your ratio for the current cycle. The earning structure of Tezos Vote is dynamic, that means that all delegators receive their earning based on the current actual annual ROI of the protocol instead of a static reward.

Every delegator has it’s own dashboard (based on the KT1 Account) to follow the reward process. The real time data on your personal page shows your details, and shows the actual earnings. Enter your KT1/TZ1 Account in the top right corner to show your personal page.

Calculation example
You delegate 5,000 ꜩ to Tezos Vote. The total staking balance of Tezos Vote is 2,500,000 ꜩ in the specific cycle. The ratio of you as the delegator is 0,2%. Tezos Vote received a total of 1,250 ꜩ in the cycle. You will receive 1,250 ꜩ x 0,2% x (1 – 10%) = 2.5 ꜩ in this cycle.

Tezos Vote will transfer your earnings every cycle (approximately three days) to your address. The Tezos protocol is designed in a way that the baker uses the ratio of seven cycles back. Received rewards are frozen for five more cycles.

Your delegated amount must be over 50 XTZ and your earnings higher than 0.02 XTZ.
No XTZ will be transferred to your TZ1 account when it has zero balance!
Tezos Vote charges a fee of 10%
Tezos Vote strongly advices you to do delegate, however you are not required to delegate. The Tezos protocol possesses a non-dilutionary inflation system of 5.5% annually. This means that the total number of Tezzies increases annually with 5.5%. Your relative share in the Tezos protocol will dilute when you decide not to delegate.


A new block is baked and added to the blockchain approximately every 60 seconds. The added block contains all transactions done in that period.

Every cycle consists of 4096 block. One cycle will last for about 4,096 minutes (=2.84 days).

The baker is the one that bakes the block. A baker is required to have at least one roll in order to bake. One roll is equal to 10,000 ꜩ. More rolls leads more blocks to be baked and higher rewards.

Delegated Proof-of-Stake
Tezos is a delegated Proof-of-Stake blockchain. Stakeholders have an important task of providing resources to keep consensus with this unique, energy efficient governance mechanism. By design of the delegation process, stakeholders provide resources to the blockchain.

Delegation is the process of attributing your Tezos holdings to a baker to earn block rewards. Delegation is non-custodial and risk-free, which means that the Tezos will never your wallet and you are still able to spend or add new Tezos to your wallet. Tezos Vote serves as a delegation service for Tezos holders that wish to delegate their balance

Delegation Service
Tezos Vote is a delegation service and operates as a baker that bakes your Tezos on behalf of delegators. The service has the responsibility to pay the necessary bonds. Distribute the rewards earned equally and provide a secure environment for the baker service.

Each roll equals 8,000 ꜩ. The Tezos network selects bakers by randomly picking rolls. More rolls means a higher chance of being selected to bake blocks and receive rewards.

Tez or Tezzie is the official name of the Tezos token. The symbol of a Tez or Tezzie is XTZ.