Tezos.Vote is a service framework build on the Tezos blockchain. Our primary services are: Delegation, Self-baking, Tezos Votes And our unique Investment service.

First 25 cycles No Fee!
Pay-out every Cycle

Delegation Service live »   Receive fee : Bond pool »   

Delegation Service

In our delegation service we will combine our resource to create a steady stream of block “baking” & endorsing blocks. The rewards then are split equally according the amount of tokens you delegated to our service. All you have to do is delegate your tokens to our service. We will take care of the rest!

Delegation Service »

Earn more! Bond Pool

This service is very similar to the delegation service. The main difference is that you never have to pay any fee but receive fee on top of your reward. The more delegates our delegation service has the more fee you will receive.

Bond Pool»

Safely self baking service

Want to bake on your own? Or start your own delegation service? The safely self-baking service will help you with that. We can provide a secure infrastructure you can use. We can help set you up in Home baking, Cloud baking or your own delegation service.

Available soon»