Tezos Vote is a professional Delegation Service.
Since DAY 1

we are not accepting new delegations

Delegations address: tz1bHzftcTKZMTZgLLtnrXydCm6UEqf4ivca

Tezos is a delegated Proof-of-Stake blockchain. Stakeholders have an important task of providing resources to keep consensus with this unique, energy efficient governance mechanism. Tezos holders have the ability to achieve an annual risk-free return with Tezos Vote without possessing any technical knowledge

Tezos Vote charges a 10% fee.

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About Tezos Vote

Tezos Vote is established to support the ongoing development of the Tezos ecosystem and is an industry leading and proven service for hundreds of Tezos holders.

Why choose for Tezos Vote?

  • Earnings are consequently paid-out every cycle
  • No-sign up required
  • Participate in the bond pool and double your return
  • Supported by BlockBay Capital

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Delegation Service

Delegate with us and support the ongoing development of the Tezos blockchain and Tezos Vote. Delegation is easy just takes two minutes of your time.

  • Grow your Tezos holdings consequently over time
  • Receive your benefits every cycle
  • Earn a compounding risk-free return
  • Prevent dilution from your ownership

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Bond Pool

The bond pool supports the ongoing growth and development of Tezos Vote. Bondholders are actively engaging in the Tezos ecosystem and contribute to the long-term success of the blockchain.

The bond pool in practice

  • Significantly increase your earnings
  • Approximately +8.5% return
  • Re-invest your earnings or receive them
  • Earn fees instead of paying them

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